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Redefining Yoga in The Modern West

Modern west sees the yoga as a fitness exercise and most of the students that enroll themselves in a yoga class are there to better their physique and a body that looks a certain way, there are plenty of reasons why it has come to this point but the fitness industry is to be blamed for this because ancient, traditional yoga was about a lot more than just fitness, while any yoga pose of form is not wrong or doing it just for fitness isn’t something that can be termed as wrong but if something has so many advantages that are more than just physical, its like not doing justice to the practice of yoga if you are doing it only to look better or lose weight, which is most of what the modern west is doing, Marianne Wells YTT is here to redefine yoga in the modern west, Marianne Wells is a name that is trusted and enjoys great reputation as a yogi who is looking to change the perspective about yoga and wants people to see yoga as something so much more than physical exercise

Marianne Wells YTT
In order to better understand the benefits of yoga you should first differentiate between modern and traditional yoga techniques, ancient and traditional forms of yoga were focused on spiritual practices and the yogis would teach their students about how to put their minds at peace and in a trance like state, this is why meditation and chanting were among the most commonly practiced techniques, but now during a modern yoga class you can expect the yoga trainer to be focused on developing better posture through stretching and breathing techniques.

Modern yoga isn’t wrong but if you truly want to know what the advantages of yoga are then you need to get in touch with someone like Marianne Wells.

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